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Nepal FEWture

Improving water quality and supply to support farming and enable climate-resilient tomorrows

Nepal FEWture Leads: Dr. Leena Malayil; Shree Krishna Dhital; Dr. Biraj Man Karmacharya

Nepal, a small Himalayan country nestled between India and China, boasts a breathtaking landscape that features the world's highest peaks and the deepest gorges. Agriculture contributes to over 33% of the nation's economy, and water is abundant, but it is often not in the right place or time to meet population needs. Hydropower serves as the mainstay for electricity generation, but there is a pressing need to expand capacity to meet growing demand. Nepal faces food insecurity challenges caused by these geographical disparities in water and energy distribution that hinder agricultural production. 

The government of Nepal has prioritized climate change adaptation efforts. In the realm of agriculture, initiatives like climate-smart villages, climate-resilient farming practices, and innovative conservation agriculture systems (CASI) are leading solutions to address these pressing issues. At the same time, Nepal's energy crisis continues due to extreme power and fuel shortages. 

The Nepal FEWture team integrates community-driven research, outreach, and capacity building at the food, energy, water, climate, health nexus. Our projects in Nepal include:


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