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Experiential education

Experiential Education

Hands-on field experience, advanced lab techniques, and global exchange to train FEW nexus innovators

Education Team Leaders: Suhana Chattopahdyay; Rianna Murray

Our Education FEWture team translates the knowledge generated through our collaborations, research, and international project work into fresh experiential educational and outreach programs. 

We work internationally with four universities: University of Maryland (USA), Hebrew University (Israel), Kathmandu University (Nepal), and Mbeya University of Science and Technology (Tanzania). We teach, train, and inspire a new generation of change-makers at the FEW+climate-health nexus. 

Our education initiatives include:


lab work


Graduate Program
study abroad


Undergraduate Program
study abroad

FEW systems Global Certificate Program

MOOC through Coursera
lake malawi

Mbeya University Student Internship

Agriculture Internship in Dodoma
study abroad

Hebrew University Agricultural Fellowship in Tanzania

Hebrew University Fellowship
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