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TZ Highlands

International Webinar Series


Upcoming Webinar, May 1 2024, 10-11am EDT: 

Dr. Catherine Nakalembe, UMD Department of Geographical Sciences

Topic: Considerations for Artificial Intelligence and Earth Observation (AI-EO) for Agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa

Past Webinars: 

Speakers: Farmer Chippy, Founder
Farmer Tiara, President and Manager
Topic: AgriHood Baltimore at Plantation Park Heights Urban Farm
Speaker: Dr. Richard Friend
Associate Professor, University of York (UK)
Topic: Assessing vulnerability and building resilience through the lens of systemic risk and critical thresholds
Speaker: Ariel Aviram, PhD Student
Geography Department at the Hebrew University
Topic: Examining the food–energy–water nexus across local scale scenarios using the red line approach
The Tanzania FEWture Team
Speaker: Dr. Paul Turner, Associate Professor
University of Maryland School of Public Health
Topic: Agriculture, Experiential Education, and Public Health: FEW Nexus Opportunities in Tanzania
The Nepal FEWture Team
Speaker: Dr. Biraj Man Karmacharya, Associate Professor
Kathmandu University School of Medical Sciences
Topic: An Integrated Approach to Rural Health and Community Development through Livelihood Support: An Experience of Dhulikhel Hospital, Nepal
The Israel FEWture team
Speaker: Dr. Clive Lipchin, Director
Center for Transboundary Water Management
Arava Institute for Environmental Studies
Topic: Decentralized Wastewater Management and Reuse in Bedouin and Palestinian Communities
The Maryland FEWture team
Speaker: Jen Cotting, Director
Environmental Finance Center, University of Maryland
Topic: Advancing Sustainability at the Community Level
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